napi klip: Placebo – Slave To The Wage

Akkordok: (félhanggal magasabban A=Bb)

Play with Capo on 1st fret
A7         x02020
A          x02220
E          022100
D          xx0232
Dmaj7      xx0222
Amaj7      x02120

Intro - A, A, A, A, E, E, D, D, A, A, A, A
Verse 1 - A, E, D (Chords Throughout)
Link 1 - A, A, A, A
Verse 2 - Same as above
Link 2 - Same as above

Chorus 1 - A, E, D, A, E, D, A7, E, D, A, A, E, D
Link 3 - Same as above, then continue with A, A, A, A

Verse 3 - Same as above
Link 4 - Same as above (Link 1)
Chorus 2 - Same as above
Link 5 - A, Amaj7, A, Amaj7 then A, A, A, A
Chorus 3 - E, Dmaj7, A, Amaj7, E, Dmaj7, A
Outro - Amaj7, A, Amaj7, E, Dmaj7, A, A